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Chicano Mundo

Sigifredo Jimenez

Chicano Mundo podcast is about Chicano culture. From music to art to the gentes, Chicano Mundo dives into the vast and rich culture that Chicano brings to society. As a first generation American, I felt the Pressure of keeping my Mexican identity, and accepting American culture. it wasn't until my early teen years I leaned towards Identifying myself as a Chicano. I fell in love with Chicano hip-hop, and as I grew older I started learning about the history of Chicano. From the Mayans and Aztec to the Chicano civil movement of the 60s to contemporary issue going on with the culture. Chicano reaches every corner of the world, and I want to share the experience with every Chicano/a out there. My Name is Sigifredo Jimenez, and I am the creator and host of the Chicano Mundo Podcast.